Greene & Greene Furniture: Poems of Wood & Light

A new book by David Mathias

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Gamble House dining-room
Ford house exterior lantern
Gamble Drawer Detail
“One hundred years ago, in Pasadena, California, two young brothers were in the midst of an astonishing period of creative success.  Fueled by the artistic genius of the elder brother and wealthy clients willing to provide them a great deal of freedom, they created a new and distinctive architectural style that is instantly recognizable still.  The brothers were Charles and Henry Greene.  Their style, a synthesis of the Arts & Crafts with Asian influences, a casual, California sensibility and obsessive attention to detail.  They uniquely combined these elements to create an innovative style, a “new and native architecture.”  An architecture well suited to the lifestyle in Southern California at the dawn of the twentieth century.”    Excerpt From Chapter One

With nearly 200 images, roughly 150 of them new, Poems of Wood & Light provides a guided tour of the best of Greene & Greene, with a focus on the details that made their work, both furniture and architecture, exquisite.  Published by F+W Media.
“Relatively few writers have focused exclusively on Greene and Greene, and so it is a privilege whenever a talented one such as Mr. Mathias comes along. Be forewarned that through this book his seduction may become yours, too.”

From the Foreword by Edward R. Bosley, Director, The Gamble House