Greene & Greene Furniture: Poems of Wood & Light

A book by David Mathias

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About the Author
David Mathias author photo
David Mathias is an author and photographer with a background in computer science. He was educated at the University of Delaware (B.S.) and Washington University in St. Louis (M.S., D.Sc.). He was a college instructor for fourteen years before abandoning computer science, academia and a paycheck for the full-time pursuit of writing. David has published articles in Popular Woodworking, Woodwork, Style 1900 and American Bungalow.  His first book, Greene & Greene Furniture - Poems of Wood & Light is an examination of the houses and furniture of Charles and Henry Greene.

While researching
Poems of Wood & Light, David had the opportunity and privilege to visit and photograph many Greene & Greene homes including the Gamble, Blacker, Robinson, Ford and Thorsen houses and to see and photograph their furniture in museums across the United States.  Nearly three years in the making, the book is the culmination of an unlikely and incredibly fortuitous sequence of events that constitute the most satisfying experience of his professional life.  David's interests include photography, architecture, woodworking and hiking. He currently lives near Vevey, Switzerland with his wife Patty and sons Dylan and Zachary.