Greene & Greene Furniture: Poems of Wood & Light

A book by David Mathias

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Comments and Reviews
A sampling of comments/reviews for Poems of Wood & Light. I'd post a negative comment, if I'd received any. :)
"Beautifully and intelligently written with superb quality photographs this book pays tribute not only to the architecture and furniture designs of the Greene Brothers but also to the work of the lesser known Hall brothers."

"Anyone with a passion for, or just a passing interest in, furniture and architecture needs to have this book on the shelf as a reference guide for quality craftsmanship and obsessive attention to detail."

"The author’s 'craftsman' approach will appeal to woodworkers, the extensive endnotes will please scholars, and the evocative photography will satisfy all who love great design."

"...This uncompromising quality of construction and the obsessive attention to every detail is an area of some deliberation and discussion in most of the Greene literature but at a micro level David Mathias, in his new book, explains and presents the details in an enlightened and accessible way that left me wondering how I’d missed so much on my four visits to the Gamble House and my one (very long) visit to the Blacker House."

"It is a GREAT book. Now that I've looked at the pictures, I undestand the title 'Poems of Wood & Light.'  It really kindles my inspiration."

"...a beautiful procession of gorgeous photographs and such a thoughtful layout, alternating between houses, furniture, and drawings. You have really contributed significantly to the body of work on the Greenes."

"This book is obviously a labor of love. Great text, great photography, great insights, great details. If you already have other books on the subject, you 'll love this one. If it is the first one, it will be a great introduction which will probably lead you to get more."

"Your book is absolutely AMAZING, David!!  I have already looked through it several times and have grown increasingly awestruck by your work and talent.  Thank you so much!  It will make for the perfect gift for many of my friends during the holiday season."

"For anyone interested in G&G furniture David’s book is a MUST have. Yes, the photography is fantastic... I am only part way through reading the book but I am very impressed with David’s writing and insights as well! Definitely a 5-star book and one I will be referring back to over the years."

Got mine!!! I love to read books from people who have passion and inspire it in others.  Great work."

"I'm about a quarter of the way through your book. Its amazing! I thought I was a big G & G fan before. I'm completely head over heels now."

"I received your book a few days ago.  I spent my first look just drooling over the pictures.  I'm still reading the prose and really liking it. Your insights bring a greater understanding to this awesome style."  

"I've flipped through and read the introductory chapters. Gorgeous book David, I need to go to Pasadena as well!"

"Just received your book. It looks absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to get to reading it."

"Your book arrived today as you anticipated and it is beautiful... I flipped through it with a big smile on my face. It has already become a good friend..."

"If you're a fan of Greene & Greene, you NEED this book."

"Congrats on the book, it's an excellent addition to the library. You got some great shots of details not seen before by many of us. Also many interesting side notes to some of the pieces."

"I received the book today. I tore the wrapping off and dived right in. It's wonderful. I'm truly thrilled."

"I just received my copy this morning, it's quite lovely. The pictures are astonishing - I particularly enjoyed the Gamble house hall stair detail on pg. 94 - pointillist indeed! Anyway, I highly recommend it to others and am looking forward to making the time to give it a more thorough reading."

"Very nice book with great photos, and the Greenes' design drawings are a nice touch. I especially like the close-up photos of the construction and all the inlay information. Highly recommended."

"Amazing work David! I flipped through real quick and realized that I'll have my nose in this book for hours."

"David has captured the nuances of Greene & Greene furniture. He shows us, and captivates us into it's poetry... In summation: This is beautiful, informative and a book anyone can enjoy."

"Wonderful - Just Wonderful! Thank you for your hard work."

"...I continued on to the Afterword. I must say, David, that it is one of the most eloquent and well-thought-out statements I have ever read."

"After just a quick look I'm very pleased with the book. Great detail photos - some of the details I've hungered for. Not too many people get to see the construction details and interior work on the furniture."